Blood lightning

Blood lightning

How can you build solid overall health? Feeling strong, fighting off colds and cancer, and fitting comfortably into your jeans? Fix your metabolism.

Metabolism isn't just how quickly we burn off food. It's all the chemical reactions keeping your body alive. The science is still being uncovered because so many complex parts interact. But one piece is so basic to our lives and health, it's worth paying extra attention. Energy.

That's right - we're talking about food. Specifically, a particular type of sugar - glucose. Our bodies use glucose as the most basic chemical for powering up. It's like 5V electricity in a computer or 89 octane in your tank.

Health by the numbers

Maybe it was my mail-order diabetes kits and the hundreds of blood extractions. Or possibly when my wife found me wearing multiple belts cinched tight across my belly.

It could have been the bags of candy. Tasty, but nobody craves eight Butterfingers in a row.

At some point, I accepted my curiosity. Twenty years too late to uncrumple my med school admittance letter. But plenty of time to learn more about the human body.