Cropping Instructions

For each record in the "to do" section at top of cropping page ...


  1. Is photo bad (large section of torso obscured by camera or something else)?
    • Mark "Bad picture" = Yes and stop

For each original picture

User must upload front picture. Side and back are optional.

Download picture and edit

  1. Click thumbnail and download large size (in Chrome, Right-click > Save image as ...)
  2. Edit in

Open downloaded file



  1. Crop to 3X5
    • Basic edits > Crop
      • Goal: head to knees
        • Crop other objects if possible (mirror frame, identifying items, etc) so viewer is focused on body

Sharpen image

  1. Rarely needed (happens more with dark skin or poor lighting)
  2. Try Basic Edits > Sharpen > Sharpness (halfway), Clarity (halfway)
  3. Try changing Basic Edits > Exposure > Brightness, Contrast
  4. If unfixable, mark "Bad picture" = Yes

Obscure male parts

If male parts are too obvious, obscure with a black circle

  • Almost never needed
  • Overlays > Geometric

Save to local computer

  • Export
  • Add "f", "s", or "b" to filename
  • High quality ("Sean")
  • First (horizontal) dimension should be at least 480.
    • If less than 480, change to 480. If bigger than 480, leave untouched.

Crop head

  1. Crop the photo further to 3X4
    • Goal: shoulders to knees
    • Top priorities (in order):
      1. Delete face
        1. Do not include any part. Hair is ok.
      2. Include entire torso
      3. Remove extras from photo (mirror frame, etc)
  2. Save to local computer
    • Export with "fc", "sc", or "bc" at end of filename


  1. Upload modified photos here
    • You may need to refresh the web page to see the uploaded pictures
  2. Mark "Head cropped in original" = yes/no 
  3. Mark "Bottom obscured" = yes/no if you can't clearly see bottom or legs (could be loose outfit, other objects, etc)
  4. Complete "Initial estimate"
    • Take quick guess (10 seconds tops) at bodyfat level by comparing to other bodies (doesn't need to be very close)
  5. Mark "Accepted" = Yes if good picture
    • Record will disappear from page on refresh when Accepted = Yes

Target completion time

With experience, this should take about ten minutes. Don't worry if takes some time to get comfortable.


Let me know about any vague instructions or any other issues.