How it works

Humans are born sizing up each other's bodies. We unconsciously check each other out all day long. And we're pretty skilled - we can detect differences of a tenth of a millimeter.

What if judginess could help other people?

Sizing up others isn't normally very helpful. But imagine if it was harnessed to lend a hand. You'd provide two of the most valuable metrics for general health - bodyfat % and lean mass.

Tonemeter combines community crowdsourcing with intelligent software. You get strong accuracy and total convenience.

Is this calibrated to traditional fat measurements?

We tie our algorithms to readings from other methods, like DEXA and hydrostatic weighing. This correlates human instincts with convention.

How many judgements?

Many human decisions are linked together for each bodyfat metric. Often over one hundred. Fewer comparisons are needed as raters increase their skill level.

Do I need a perfect picture?

No - there's some flexibility and we'll let you know if there's a problem. Don't worry if the picture is a little askew. Try to:

  • Include your entire body from down to knees (both your muscular and fat areas are judged)
  • Use even lighting (difficult to see details if there's a window behind you)
  • Aim for a plain background

How do I use the info?

Accurate benchmarks measure progress towards a better body and improved health. Use this knowledge to see whether you're headed in the right direction.

Decreased bodyfat? Good.
Increased muscle mass? Really good.

Worried about privacy?

Us too. We crop the head in your photos before raters see them. You can hide your face, but we recommend you don't.